Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How I would get registered with
Ans: Simply go to and then click at the top right side Register Free button. You will got the registration page and using the buttons you can register yourself. You can choose from here also Job-Seeker Registration, Student Registration, Employer Registration and Institution Registration as per your area of registration, you want to proceed with.

2. Is there any charge of getting registered with
Ans: No, it's totally free. We would not charge anything from user to register with But there are some additional services, we provide, are chargeable. Without those services you can came to and search as per your requirement.

3. Whether posting my resume is chargeable?
Ans: Posting your resume is a free service. For posting your resume you must have to register first then you can upload your resume, search jobs, and apply jobs.

4. How can I change my password?
Ans: You can easily change your password from your profile. At the top right side in your profile, there is user name. In the user name there is a dropdown option Change Password. From this dropdown option you can change your current password.

5. I can't remember my password of my registered account. How can I login again?
Ans: You can find it from the initial mail during registration, where the user id & password had been automatically sent. Also, you can go to Reset Password and set your new password for further login to your registered account.

6. What is the preferable browser to access this site?
Ans: The most preferable browser is Google Chrome to access this site smoothly from your system.

7. How can I search the relevant jobs?
Ans: After Login of your account, there is an option of Search your Job with some fields. First fill those fields as per your requirement and then click on Search Button. You can find relevant jobs as per your search criteria.

8. How can I create Job Alert for me?
Ans: You can create your Job Alert by yourself. If you are a registered user then go to your profile and then click on Job Alert Menu option then you will find a Active button. Just click on it to Activate your Job Alert.
If you are not pre-registered and want Job Alert service to JobTantra, then also you can create Job Alert.. In the home page of, you can see a Create a JOB ALERT button. From there you can register yourself for Job Alert. Or you can click HERE to create your Job Alert.

9. What are the benefits of creating Job Alert?
Ans: This is the most helpful option for job-seekers to find mostly matched jobs with their profiles and get updated as quickly as after posting high scaled jobs by Recruiters by means of Alert to their registered mail id.

10. I am not registered with this site. Can I apply for my selected job?
Ans: Sorry, you have to Register first and then you can apply how many jobs you would like to apply. For kind information there have a free registration process. So Register first and got place in your favorite place.

11. Can I apply at a time more than one job?
Ans: You have to check job details and then you can apply that particular job at a time. This is to inform you that the job requirements must be match with your skills and qualities.

12. How do I be able to know that I successfully applied the selected job?
Ans: In your account you can go to Applied Jobs in menu option and can see all of your applied jobs.

13. How many profiles I can create in my account?
Ans: You can create only one account by your particular credentials. It is due to the User safety purpose only

14. How can I contact with JobTantra customer care?
Ans: Please go to our Contact Us page and find all information you want like customer care number, our contact mail ids and more.

15. How can I edit and update my Job Profile?
Ans: At first you have to login your account using your login credential. Then in your home you must see Edit option in each sections. By clicking in Edit option you can update your profile.
There is another way to update your profile. In your after-login home page, you can see the menu. The first menu option is Update Profile. By clicking different options, you can edit and update your profile.

16. I am a recruiter and I forgot my user id and password. How can I retrieve it?
Ans: You can find it from the initial mail during registration, where the user id & password had been automatically sent. Also, you can go to Reset Password and set your new password for further login to your registered account.

17. To whom I will contact in case I faced any issue regarding my account?
Ans: At first Sorry for any kind of issue with JobTantra. If you are facing any kind of issue, you can contact with our Technical Team by sending us your problem by mail in

18. How can I search for the resumes?
Ans: First you need to register and then login your account in and then go to the Search Resumes present in menu option. Here you can easily search resumes as per your requirement.

19. What are the different search options available to find the resumes?
Ans: There is two types of resume search option available under Employer profile.
a. Normal search
b. Advance search.
You can easily search resumes as per your requirement.

20. How can I keep track of user activity in my employer account?
Ans: After login, you can see all your activities from Employer Dash-board.

21. How can I view the details of a resume?
Ans: You have to download the resume and then you can view the details of a resume. For this, you need to buy the packages online as per your requirement. Otherwise, you can click on View Details option from Candidates Applied and Search Resumes in menu option.

22. How can I contact the candidates from my employer account?
Ans: In Employer zone, you need buy the packages as per your requirement and then view the contact details either clicking on View Details option or Resume Download option. After getting these details, you can contact with the candidates. Also, if you posted any free job, then you can get the details with resume from Candidates Applied present in menu option.

23. How can I save the resumes during my search?
Ans: You need buy the packages as per your requirement and then during searching candidates, you need to click on resume of your relevant candidate and it will be downloaded in your system. Still you can see this downloaded resume in "Search Resume" option in Employer dash-board.

24. Can I add a note for my reference during searching and for referring the same later?
Ans: No. Only you can view all the details from your dash-board.

25. Is it possible to download the resume later as per my requirement in future?
Ans: Yes. You can download within 6months from your Resume Downloaded date.

26. Can I save my search criteria?
Ans: No. You can't save your search criteria.