What is Credit Point

You can increase your Credit Point by using your referral code:
1. The number of times your referral code will be used for jobseeker's registration, your credit point will be increased accordingly.
2. One successful use of your referral code, will get 1 credit point to your profile.
3. During your own registration as jobseeker, if you will use the referral code of any of the JobTantra team member, you will be provided 5 credit point as one time bonus point from JobTantra.
Benefits of your Credit Point:
1. You can use your 200 credit points to avail the facility of resume writing by JobTantra Team
2. You can use your 300 credit points for 1 job Referral. Accordingly more credit points will give you facility of more Job Referrals.
3. You can use your 400 credit points for the facility of Priority Shortlisting & Promote Your Job Application to the Top, for 2 months only.